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Deciduous Regeneration

Lead by: Tomasz Gradowski

Theme: Aspen Regeneration

Status: Completed

Start: 2007

End: 2008



A growing use of variable retention harvesting (aimed mainly at the maintenance of biodiversity) call for retaining a range of densities and species of residual trees on forest cutting units - often in dispersed patterns. While leaving residual trees has long been a strategy for promoting regeneration of shade tolerant species, retention of mature trees has usually been considered to be detrimental to the regeneration of intolerant species such as aspen ? a widespread and ecologically and economically important species in the boreal forest


The objective of this work was to assess the density and volume of aspen and balsam poplar regeneration nine growing seasons after variable retention harvesting in relation to the composition of the stand prior to logging and in relation to the density and type of overstory retained

Key Results